Bajaj Pulsar N150 on Road Price 2023: Specification, Mileage, Top Speed, Learn More details

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Bajaj Pulsar N150 on Road Price 2023: Specification, Mileage, Top Speed, Learn More details

Enjoying bike riding is a unique experience, and to make this experience even more special, Bajaj Pulsar N150 is an exceptional choice. This bike is designed to compete with Yamaha R15 and is known as a stylish and powerful bike.

In this blog, we will delve into the details of Bajaj Pulsar N150’s features, design, technology, and its performance. Bajaj Auto has launched another sensation in the Indian market, and by doing so, they have set their sights on Yamaha R15.

To find out whether the new Bajaj Pulsar N150 lives up to the hype or not, and if it’s as magnificent as it’s claimed to be, let’s explore this new bike in detail.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 – Highlights

Name of Article  Bajaj Pulsar N150 on Road Price 2023
Type of Article  Automobile
Bike Name Bajaj Pulsar N150
Price In India  Rs. 1,17,134
Model Bajaj Pulsar N150 2023
Fuel Type Petrol
Mileage 48.5 kmpl
Colors 6 Color Available
Weight 148 Kgs
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Bajaj Pulsar N150 2023 Specification

The Bajaj Pulsar N150 is a street bike available in one variant and offered in three different colors. Its price in India starts at Rs. 1,17,134. This bike is powered by a 149.68cc BS6 engine, delivering 14.3 bhp of power and 13.5 Nm of torque. It features front disc and rear drum brakes with an anti-locking braking system.

In the Indian market, the Pulsar N150 joins the lineup alongside the Pulsar P150, N160, and the Pulsar 150. It shares design elements with the N160, featuring a centre-set LED projector light with DRLs and a sharp-looking fuel tank. The bike comes in three color options – Racing Red, Ebony Black, and Metallic Pearl White.

The Pulsar N150 offers LED illumination and a semi-digital instrument console displaying essential information like the speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel level indicator, and more. Safety features include single-channel ABS and a side-stand cut-off sensor.

Under the hood, it houses a 149.6cc single-cylinder engine, producing 14.5bhp at 8,500rpm and 13.5Nm at 6,000rpm, paired with a five-speed gearbox. It shares power and torque figures with the Pulsar P150.

The bike’s suspension setup includes telescopic front forks and dual rear suspension, with a 260mm front disc brake and a 130mm rear drum brake mounted on 17-inch wheels fitted with 90/90 front and 120/70 rear tires.

At its launch, the Bajaj Pulsar N150 was priced at Rs. 1,17,134 (ex-showroom, Delhi), competing with models like the TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Suzuki Gixxer, and the Hero Xtreme 160R in its segment.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Design

It is unique and attractive, with intricate details and arched linings that give it a modern bike appeal. Moving towards the front, the broad nose fairing, aerodynamic design, and glossy tank enhance its beauty even further. The combination of these features not only adds to its aesthetics but also contributes to its overall allure, making it stand out in the crowd of motorcycles. The attention to design and the incorporation of aerodynamic elements make it a stylish and visually appealing choice for riders looking for a modern and eye-catching bike. It’s a testament to Bajaj’s commitment to creating bikes that not only perform well but also look stunning on the road.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Engine And Performance

The Bajaj Pulsar N150 features a 149.5cc, air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine. This engine is known for its power and efficiency, making it a lively performer on the road. It produces a maximum power of 14 horsepower, delivering excellent performance in traffic. This bike truly works its magic on the roads, thanks to its powerful engine, easily conquering any type of road condition with great ease.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Feature And Technology

The Bajaj Pulsar N150 incorporates various technologies and features that make it a progressive and modern bike. It comes equipped with digital information display, rear disc brakes, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), and a smart start/stop system, among other amenities. These technological advancements not only enhance the bike’s functionality but also contribute to a safer and more convenient riding experience.

The digital information display provides riders with essential information at a glance, such as speed, trip data, and fuel level, ensuring they stay informed while on the go. The inclusion of rear disc brakes and ABS improves braking performance and overall safety, particularly in emergency situations.

The smart start/stop system is a feature that adds convenience to the bike’s operation. It allows for easy starting and stopping of the engine, reducing the hassle of traditional ignition systems.

Overall, the integration of these technologies and features elevates the Bajaj Pulsar N150 to a higher level of sophistication and functionality, making it a choice that caters to both the demands of modern riders and the evolving landscape of motorcycle technology.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 on Road Price 2023
Bajaj Pulsar N150 on Road Price 2023

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Riding Experience

The riding experience of the Bajaj Pulsar N150 is highly emotive and enjoyable. Thanks to its robust lightweight frame and suspension system, you have complete control over the bike, ensuring both safety and a strong riding experience.

The bike’s lightweight frame is designed to provide nimbleness and agility, allowing riders to navigate through various road conditions with ease. This not only enhances maneuverability but also contributes to a sense of confidence while riding.

Additionally, the suspension system plays a pivotal role in ensuring a comfortable and stable ride. It absorbs road imperfections, reducing the impact on the rider and the bike itself. This translates to a smoother journey, whether you’re cruising through city streets or taking on more challenging terrains.

Ultimately, the Bajaj Pulsar N150 offers riders a compelling riding experience characterized by a harmonious blend of control, safety, and the joy of the ride. It’s a bike that caters to those who seek not only performance but also the pleasure of the journey itself.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Mileage And Engine Working Capacity

The Bajaj Pulsar N150’s engine combines impressive power with a focus on fuel efficiency. This bike’s engine delivers good fuel efficiency, reducing the need to worry about fuel expenses during your journey. It strikes a balance between performance and mileage, making it a practical choice for riders who want both power and cost-effective fuel consumption.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Rider Comfort And Egronomic

The seating of the Bajaj Pulsar N150 has been designed with rider comfort and excellent ergonomics from the beginning. It offers a positive riding position with adequate support and comfort, making it ideal for long-distance journeys.

Bajaj Pulsar N150 Price And Availability

The Bajaj Pulsar N150 is a budget-friendly bike that offers excellent value for money when it comes to its power, design, and features. Its availability in major cities and towns makes it a convenient and practical choice for riders seeking an affordable and reliable option.

Bajaj Pulsar N150

It is an attractive, powerful, and well-balanced bike designed for riding enthusiasts. Its combination of design, performance, and availability positions it as a lively competitor alongside the Yamaha R15. It’s a robust bike that will elevate your riding experience and capture your attention.

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